Brent Kraus

Brent "Celly" Kraus. #665 Captain of the team since 09. Bob is my family. It's given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people that I would have never known without this team. I love the fact that we are focusing on just having fun off the field and shooting the other side while on.


Lee Duncan

Lee "Snakeskin" Duncan is a Co-Captain of Bob White. He maintains the Bob White website, and helps with team stuff.  He hails from Missouri, and is a Commander for the German forces at Oklahoma D-Day every year.  He started playing paintball in 2006 when he worked for Brass Eagle.  He joined Bob White in 2015.  

Chris Pflaum

Chris Pflaum is a Co-Captain of BoB White and is a pretty darn chill human male. Yet another guy whose bio is better when written by him, but then again kittens would be better if they had candy poops and could fly, but that doesn't mean a standard kitten isn't great as it is I suppose.

Chad Noahr

Chad "Featherbones" Noahr is a Co-Captain and wears the #99 jersey and is easily one of the funniest characters to be around on the B.o.B
White team. Chad is one of the original members back in 2009, a founder if you will. He is passionate and competitive and rocks a neck tie... so don't poop in his camp! Chad loves to play paintball and do some BBQing! Between leading the BoBs to another Legends win in 2016 and all the work he puts in as the QC officer on the team... Safe to say Chad is a full blown icon of the rasta.


Mark Merboth

Mark "Shifty" Merboth wears the #69 jersey and joined in 2009. When asked, Shifty said... What BOB WHITE means to me? Family, plain and simple. These are my brothers and sisters. This bond has become as thick as blood to me. And shenanigans, lots of shenanigans!


Chris Elliott

Chris "Red" Elliott is the Chief Financial Officer for B.o.B White Paintball and wears the #76 jersey. He has been a team member since 2009. This team is the reason he came to live in the Midwest, and is family. His brothers and sisters in arms are the reason he suits up, protecting them with (and hiding behind) his gun. NEVER RETREAT!


Donnie Green

Donnie Green is Co-Champion of Media Relations for B.o.B White Paintball.


Shaun Vetick

Shaun "Shmee" Vetick is Co-Champion of Media relations for B.o.B White Paintball and wears the "Infinity" jersey.

After growing up on a horse ranch in rural NE, Shaun set out to study art of all kinds and at an ever more challenging level. 

Currently, Shaun is an independent film producer/writer/director. Shaun is also a master of Wing Chun Kung Fu, but not satisfied with his current skillset he often travels to learn from other grandmasters of various kung fu lineages. 
Shaun is fluent in Spanish, and does software quality assurance for a blood lab in Omaha, NE. Shaun is also a graphic designer and loans his artistic skills to the Bob White family to help enhance the team presence.
Shaun is a traveler, and looks forward to meeting people and facing new challenges in the paintball community.
Ask him about his movies!


Chelsea Merboth

Chelsea "Mallory" Merboth wears the # 12 jersey and is a general riot to be around. She enjoys gardening and making Thomas sad in her free time, and who can blame her. Could you imagine how cool her bio could be if she wrote it? But no! She leaves it to me to write. And I have no doubt that her teacher instincts will kick in and she will eventually berate me for my poor grammar or word choice. Here is a fun fact... Chelsea shot me, Thomas, directly in the gooch from about two feet away within the first five minutes of the Stalingrad event at Avid Extreme Sports in 2016. She was on my damn team even. Accident she says... I'm sure. Oh, I'm sure.


Scott Vetick

Scott "Killer" Vetick wears the #402 jersey and is ankk overall swell fellah.


Matt Warren

Matt "Bloodmaker" Warren wears the #05 jersey and has been with BoB White for a long time. He enjoys being sneaky sneaky and his favorite marker is the Atomix A-Bomb Intimidator. Matt is a professional driver by trade and his smooth road skills translate to ice in his veins on the field.


Weylin Oliver

Weylin "Olie" Oliver wears the #19 jersey and lead the Cowboys to a dominant victory at Tombstone 2015 at Avid Extreme Sports.

Matthew Norton

Matthew "The Albino" Norton wears #77 and joined 2010-ish. To me, B.o.B White represented all that paintball is meant to be. It’s a group of good guys whose jersey tells everyone else that they are friendly, fair players who, more than anything want to make sure that those who play paintball have an outstanding time! B.o.B White is a team of inclusion, who is will take anyone under their wing and show them the ropes and help them play. It is a team unlike any other. B.o.B White wants nothing more than to grow the sport and have fun, on and off the field. It is unlike any other team I’ve ever played for, and I couldn’t be prouder to call anyone who wears a B.o.B White jersey a member of my family.


Scott Dwyer

Scott Dwyer, or more affectionately known as Scotty D, really needs no introduction. If you have been around BoB White camps, you have met Scotty. Or you have heard Scotty. Or you have observed him videoing the shenanigans. At the very least, you have heard us mention this silly MoFo. Well in addition to being an icon of the midwest scenario game scene he is a pretty generous, fun loving and overall swell guy. Between his amazing fashion sense, desire to make every moment a blast (which he succeeds at) and overall total BoBish demeanor you have a genuinely awesome person and teammate that you can't wait to see each event.


God Damn! Did you just read that? And to think he thought I didn't like him. Silly goose.


Brian Morris

Thomas Sturges here with one of our newest B.O.B's Brian Morris. Now Brian if you don't mind if like to ask you a few questions to let people know you. Mind if we start?

Me: let's do this Mr.Awesome.

Tommy: Well how old are ya and where are you from?

Me: 41 yrs old, and from Lees Summit MO, just outside of Kansas City.


Tommy: How did you find B.O.B White?

Me: My son and I were going to Legends and I was scrolling through the legion commanders and I stared Googling the teams and the BOBS looked like they were always having fun and I was drawn to that. I don't take myself to seriously.

Tommy: What does being a B.O.B mean to ya?

Me: Friends, Family, Fun and kicking butt while humiliating the other teams. Then opening up the hang and bringing them in for a party.

Tommy: Favorite Drink

Me: Bacardi and Coke ( w/ no F'ing Fruit) leave that lime off my glass.

Tommy: Favorite Scenario Game Me:

Tombstone, JENGA during a battle..Nuff Said.

Tommy: You got a call sign?

Me: Nope, my handle (CB Handle) at work is B. Mo. I don't believe in giving myself a handle. So I am open to suggestions, so if anyone has something throw it out there.

Thanks for the interview but I gotta go take a leak. Peace out!!!

Terry Pace

Terry Pace aka "Dirty" wears #2 on his jersey. He has been a member since 2012.


Taira Anderson

Taira Anderson aka "Quackle" wears the #28 on her jersey. Taira joined the team in 2014. To Taira, B.o.B white is more than a team. They are my family. We all are constantly having fun. Bob white is full of caring people who just want to play paintball and hang out. We are always doing things to promote who we are on and off the field.

Anthony Chaulk

Anthony "Tomahawk" Chaulk has the most fun nickname on the team and wears the #7 jersey.


William Leslie

William "Wild Bill" Leslie joined in 2015 and wears the dead mans hand jersey. What bob means to me is a great group of people who has become family.


Thomas Sturges

Thomas "2Straws" Sturges wears the #52 jersey and has been a member since 2015. I have been a longtime fan of the B.o.B White organization and members, always having a great time playing among them and seeing how they operate as ambassadors of our fine sport. I branched out a bit in 2015 and played some scenario games where I was able to witness the B.o.B White members shine on and off the field. To me, being a Bob is about representing how the game should be played and how people should carry themselves on and off the field. It is about being inclusive and accepting and regardless of outcome having a great time among friends.


William Rozman

William "Roz" Rozman owns the #42 jersey and owns a Bengal tiger. Pretty sure. I think. Should fact check that one...


Shay Gronseth

Shay Gronseth is a member of BoB White. His nickname is Snowjob.

Brian May

Brian May exists and is awesome, but this bio would be much better if he wrote it with some substance.


Dick Jeep Pilcher

Dick "5names2" Pilcher is a newer member of the BoB White brotherhood, but has fully emersed himself in all that is BoB. Dick is 28 years old and hails from Kansas City,Missouri. Dick has been playing paintball for about 10 years. He was given his alias, "5names2" at his first ever BoB White event--Stalingrad, by a belligerently inebriated Scotty D; and hasn't been called it since, mostly due to the fact that the BoB crew just has more fun with Dick...giggity. Dick became a BoB in a merger between organizations, which worked very well, as he fits in perfectly with the BoB family. Dick played D-Day for the first time last year, triggering an infatuation with scenario play. He has attended Stalingrad, and almost every Bob gathering since, and plans to keep it rolling--as he feels genuinely at home with his fellow BoBs. Dick is a very skilled outdoors man and a jack of all trades. He brings his wife Dani to every event (which more BoB White wives should come to hang out with her. hint hint) along with his dog, Loki, which he dubbed the Bob White therapy pooch (so if you ever need a good licking give him a scratch). Dick is an all around goofy dude who enjoys nothing more than making people laugh and smile. He is all about the hang, and enjoying his time with his friends and family!


Joshua Weith

Bling bada boom and a zing zang zoom, hashtag vroom vroom in a zombie doom tomb. Word. Joshyboy as he likes to be called is one of only two BoBs that owns a small business. His company, Freestyle Flics, is a growing producer of knock-off films shown in low cost theatres. His biggest hit is his spinoff of the classic hit Baseketball, beautifully titled Soccerpuckovertime.


Matthew Bellamy

Matt Bellamy has been playing paintball since 2007. His first few years consisted of playing at outlaw fields, sometimes with as few as 3 players on the field. Soon after switching to playing at sanctioned fields he became a member of the now defunct Average Joes paintball team and quickly rose to a leadership role. He joined B.O.B. White in 2015 along with the remainder of his previous team. His style of play tends towards woodsball and scenario games. He can usually be found in full camouflage gear, toting Tippmann markers modified for realistic appearances and high rates of fire. Originally going by the callsign "Red Beard" he is now known as "Pinger Gubes" because, well, it's not just the beard that's red.


Michael Hudson

Michael "Cactass" Hudson is a bold legend early into his BoB career. He nearly got a whole team in trouble purely on accident and to make up for it he allowed Mother Nature to sodomize him publicly. This man literally took a large cactus deep, deep into his "shadow covered smell portal" if you catch my drift. The funny thing is that he is a really cool guy and a great friend, you would never guess he would be the BoB to take greenery in the stink, and I mean the hard way. Luckily for him we had cameras around and a scarily enthusiastic GoPro fanatic in the area. Don't be alarmed by the picture to the side here, he made sure to call that reptile the next day.


Ryan Strong

Meet Ryan Strong, a borderline superhero that has joined the ranks of BoB White finally and is going to be a great guy that we are all excited to see more and more in the future. This guy brings the party and is not the guy whose tent you would want to leave a steamer in front of, I'll tell you that much.


Ricky Christy

Ricky Christy is a warrior among men and owns a personal cannon, full size. We don't know why, the assumption is zombie fears.


Tracy Mize

Tracy Mize is a legend. No other way to put it. I only wish Tracy was a legend at writing a bio.


Shaggy Dukes

Shaggy Dukes, or as some call him "The Duke of Shagtown"... Where do I begin. From being a rockstar on the field to a cool cat off the field, the Duke has it all and is a joy to be around. Known for his war cry where he runs straight at you screaming "Yahtzee!!!", this hombre is a legend and will show you why if you are foolish enough to forget where he is when you play against him.


Dani Pilcher

Ahh Dani. Now we're cooking over here. This one is not only a better half to a current member but is also a member of the elite club "Chicks that can hang with BoB". She is cool as hell and you better believe she will show you a fiery side on the field. You wanna know pain? Take Dani as an easy opponent on the field. This lady will tear you a new one and let you know about it later! Little known fact: Dani holds the world record for longest stare without blinking. Say hi to Dani and get to know a great person that someday will make one damn good BoB.


Christina Bimmerman

She. Has. Cookies. 

I don't know why we need to complicate this further but to add to her possession of amazing baked goods, she is a wonderful person to be around and has an infectious happy character. Very few know this but Christina is actually a semi-pro disc golfer. She competed in Rio and left with a bronze medal and a plethora of rare herbs for her to experiment with new next-gen baking techniques, such as blowtorchian muffinbubbling. Take the time to get to know her, you won't regret it.


Bryan Bimmerman

Now that you know one half, let's cover the other. Bryan, the husband to Christina above is also a Probie and therefor one of the first two married Probies to be considered for BoB membership at the same time. Bryan is an extreme sports junkie and fan of a good party. He may not have six fingers on both hands but with how good he is at flip cup, you may think he does and hides it. That said, he does have six toes on his left foot and is able to run in excess of 19mph when wearing crocs.


Matt James

My boy Matt "Pickle" James is a first-round draft pick of a BoB-to-be. Can hang with anyone drinking, a slayer album of a player on the field and maybe one of the coolest people to be around that you can find. If you are wondering, just stop. You play with Matt and you will learn where his nickname comes from faster than you would like. If you see Matt around make sure to stop over and hang a bit, he is always willing to hang out and loves meeting new people.


Andy Devault

Andy SWEETNESS Devault is a pure mad man and an up and coming all star paintball aficionado. He cracks major business deals in the day and is a volunteer Sheriff's Deputy each evening, all while being a father and a street mime. His favorite color is chrome, ya dig? This guy is very cool to hang with, if you get the chance don't miss it! And let us not kid ourselves... A man with a selfie of himself with a turkey leg is a man this world needs. #WinningAtFood

Scott Nelson

Bio Pending........

scott nelson

David Rightmire

My name is David Rightmire, I am 38 years old, been playing paintball off and on for 20+ years, i work for Cox Communications as my FT job and i am a PT Manager at AVID Extreme sports. My greatest accomplishments in life are my kids and getting them into the sport of paintball.

Matthew Romey

My name is Matt Romey. You will often hear people just call me Romey. I started playing paintball way back in 1999. I love this sport and all aspects of it. There is nothing like seeing the excitement of new player and doing what I can to help them have a good time. It's not uncommon to see me loan out a marker so people can continue to play while I repair their equipment. I'm excited to play with B.O.B. White, grow this great sport we all love, and grow my extended family.

Layne Hubbell

Hey everyone, Names Layne Hubbell. Live in Fremont,NE. Fairly new to paintball. Can't wait to get to know everyone.

Tyler Greek

Hey I'm Tyler Greek but everyone calls me Greek, I'm a short Irishman who likes to have a good time, I'm new to paintball as I just started in 2014 going to sucka free as my first event, can't wait to get out and meet everyone.


Paul Saville

Paul "Pappy" Saville is a founding member of BOB White.  If ya wanna know anything about tiny house living, this is the guy to ask.



The BoB White Probee Program is a simple and elegant one... You can not join the team. You can express interest, but a current BoB must nominate you, which will be voted on for acceptance into the Probee program and a vote will be held to decide if your work on the field, attitude off the field and operation of "The Hang" merit earning a probationary acceptance to the BoB White ranks. You then are considered a BoB-in-training of sorts. You are expected to carry yourself as a BoB should: With a desire to have a great time and spread the good time to anyone you encounter and make sure a game with BoB in attendance is a game worth remembering. You are a good sport, you play hard and you support growing the sport we all love.


The members of BoB White will closely monitor how you behave and keep tabs on your development. If you display the desired traits and satisfy the council, you are voted as a full member of this illustrious team. You are now a full member of BoB White!


Now that you understand the program, I am pleased to present the current Probees  for BoB White!


Lawrence Cassell

Bio Pending....


Rebecca Gronseth

I'm Rebecca Gronseth. I teach first grade, I've got 3 dogs, and I'm a paintball newbie.
My first time playing paintball was one of my first dates with my now husband, Shay Gronseth, in 2013. After playing a couple of times each season, I'm now excited to become more involved in the paintball scene. I love the atmosphere, people, and mentality that is B.O.B White.



Zach Frink – Little Elk

Bio Pending.....




Erin Cahoone

Hi everyone! My name is Erin Cahoone. Soon to be Erin Harkins once I marry my best friend/ paintball team member next fall. I played for KSU and love scenario/woodsball games. I'm honored to be part of Bob White and play and learn more about the sport with them. Thank you!



Eric Harkins

Eric is my name, paintball is my game. I have been playing paintball since 06' and have loved every minute of it. I started out like everyone else, at a local field with a 98 custom and a box of monster balls from Walmart. After years of playing around the country I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and have some amazing opportunities in the paintball world. Some of which include: Valken Corps Midwest district LT., commander of tombstone, commander of Hoth, playing NCPA!, LL7, Skirmish, D-Day, and a ton of other great games. I look forward to being a member of the BOB family and all of the shenanigans/ mayhem they create on and off the field.